We charge a flat rate of $10 for shipping unless you order $60 or more then you can enjoy free shipping.


Online orders will only be dispatched on Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday, so that they don’t get stuck in a courier depot over the weekend. Orders received after 10am on Wednesday will be send out on the following Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday).


Our cheeses are handmade, so a slight variation in weight and size is naturally inevitable. As a wheel of cheese matures it also reduces in size and weight over the course of several months.

Below, you’ll find a diagram showing the approximate dimensions for the wheels of each cheese variety.

In our online store, you will find a list of all available sizes with approximate weights and prices below the product description and photos.


All wedges, ¼ wheels and ½ wheels of the Gouda and Edam varieties and Montbéliarde will be vacuum packed to protect them from drying out or being contaminated. The vacuum packed cheese will be best before 3 months after packaging – if kept sealed and refrigerated. 

Whole wheels of the Gouda and Edam varieties will be wrapped in paper, their cheese coating and rind protects the wheels.

Mahoe Blue wedges and wheels will be wrapped in a paper lined blue cheese foil.

Your order is carefully packed in cardboard boxes, we use (news)paper as padding. During the hotter months we might add a frozen ice-pack to your order.

If you prefer your cheeses to be wrapped in wax paper and paper (vs. vacuum packed in plastic), please write a note in the comment box at check out. We can not give the same 3 month quality guarantee for cheese wrapped in paper as for the vacuum packed cheeses.