The Very Old Gouda is made from pasteurised full-cream milk and matured for at least 10 months. The mild, milky flavours of the young cheese intensify and become more complex with time, developing into a mouthwatering savoury-fruity flavour. It is a must-have on any cheese board, it can be used instead of Parmesan, grated or shaved over a dish to add that bit of extra flavour. One of our favourites is Vogels’ toast with Avocado and a few shavings Very Old Gouda.

Please note that all our cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet.

Very Old Gouda Prices
Cheese size Price (incl GST)
Wedge (approx. 260g) $12.00                                        (same price for all multiples)
¼ wheel (approx. 1.1kg) $50
½ wheel ( approx. 2.2kg) $100
½ wheel cut into 2 wedges
(approx. 2 x 1.1kg)
½ wheel cut into 4 wedges
(approx. 4 x 550g)
¾ wheel cut into 3 wedges
(approx. 3 x 1.1kg)
¾ wheel  cut into 6 wedges
(approx. 6 x 550g)
Whole wheel (approx. 4.4kg) $185
Whole wheel cut into 4 wedges
(approx. 4 x 1.1kg)
Whole wheel cut into 8 wedges
(approx. 8 x 550g)