On several occasions our Very Old Edam has been awarded 100 out of 100 points by the judges of the NZ CHAMPIONS OF CHEESE AWARDS. We’re humbled that it has been named CUISINE CHAMPION ARTISAN CHEESE for multiple years. Master Judge Russell Smith once described our Very Old Edam as “(…) a pure delight. It displays a firm and crunchy texture with sweet and floral notes and a nutty aftertaste.” And he said: “It is so good that you don‘t want to put anything else in your mouth for some time“. It is the perfect cheese to enjoy on its own, maybe a glass of wine and some friends. It also fits in well as the ‘mature’ element of your cheese selection on a cheese board. We also use grate it on pasta, risotto, mushrooms on toast….well, just about anything – we love it so much.

We mature our Very Old Edam for at least 10 months.

Please note that all our cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet.


Very Old Edam Prices
Cheese size Price (incl GST)
Wedge (approx. 260g) $12.00                                           (same price for all multiples)
¼ wheel (approx. 1.1kg) $50
½ wheel ( approx. 2.2kg) $100
½ wheel cut into 2 wedges
(approx. 2 x 1.1kg)
½ wheel cut into 4 wedges
(approx. 4 x 550g)
¾ wheel cut into 3 wedges
(approx. 3 x 1.1kg)
¾ wheel  cut into 6 wedges
(approx. 6 x 550g)
Whole wheel (approx. 4.4kg) $185
Whole wheel cut into 4 wedges
(approx. 4 x 1.1kg)
Whole wheel cut into 8 wedges
(approx. 8 x 550g)