Our blue has a semi-firm but creamy texture. Its flavor is a mouthwatering combination of smooth and sweet creamyness and the fruity aromatics of the blue mold. Mahoe Blue has a solid flavor without being too sharp. It is very popular with our local customers and chefs.

Please note that all our cheeses are made with vegetarian rennet.

Mahoe Blue
Cheese size Price (incl GST)
Wedge (approx. 260g) $13.00                                        (same price for all multiples)
¼ wheel (approx. 1.15kg) $52
½ wheel ( approx. 2.3kg) $104
½ wheel cut into 2 wedges
(approx. 2 x 1.15kg)
½ wheel cut into 4 wedges
(approx. 4 x 575g)
¾ wheel cut into 3 wedges
(approx. 3 x 1.15kg)
¾ wheel cut into 6 wedges
(approx. 6 x 575g)
Whole wheel (approx. 4.6kg) $208
Whole wheel cut into 4 wedges
(approx. 4 x 1.15kg)
Whole wheel cut into 8 wedges
(approx. 8 x 575g)